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Haing one of those days every time I shut my eyes I fall

asleep! this is so annoying match sticks are vital. It is getting worse HELP! There I go again nearly fell off the chair and as for tyoing pwha! I am not good at best of times but now if I watch my fingers I find I am falling into sleep modelllll

Coffee stimulants any thing boost my energy awake! Or a young prince to waken me from my revery...........slumps at table xgins

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I would go hunt for a prince but LIbby and PP have me hanging around, throws over a couple of fish hooks... A bit of extreme body piercing to the eyelids and instant eyes open

VG x


I know how you feel gins, I'm having a dormouse day too. All I can think about is the need to sleep. Maybe I will let myself have a few hours in a bit, as I have been such a busy bee this week. Happy napping! S x


I get like that I am having one of those days today just cannot for the life of me keep my eyes open:( and I need to sleep there and then x


Just wondering if your meds are at the right dose for you? May be worth checking. I took my Lyrica and Amitriptyline late one night and was all over the place the next day. Which reminds me, I'm late again! Good luck!


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