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Does anyone do not get flares?


I keep listening about flares. I wish I had them because that would mean I could have a while feeling better. However I don't, I've been in all meds most of us are and i still can't get any control over my fibro. I'm always the same more or less - it's very unusual that I can do a little sth like going out for about an hour. I did it this last weekend after easily almost a couple of years and it was exceptional but that was it really. I'm always as exhausted or more with the same pains and others here and there depending on the day. Is this the case for some of us?

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Hello Smily, thank you for your message. I wouldn't wish a flare on anyone to be honest with you as they really are horrendous, exacerbated pain levels, raging symptoms and confined to bed for days or longer with your meds not helping at all. Sometimes a flare can last for weeks or longer, sometimes days, it varies so much. You really wouldn't want one.

Here is some info for you on Flares, I hope this helps you to understand a bit more about them -


If you feel you aren't getting proper pain management or control of your other symptoms it might be worth popping along to see your GP, they may be able to help you. You may be able to get a referral to a CFS Clinic if there is one near you, this might help with your fatigue, I found this very helpful as I have CFS/ME as well as having Fibro.

I hope you feel better soon.

(((hug))) xxx


i am the same all time NOT flares it worsens slightly doing certain thigs but it is always bad. :( x

pain awful every day :(


I have also never had flares. Just feeling the same all the time no matter how much sleep i do or don't get!

I guess that is better really as at least you always know what to expect and aren't taken by surprise!

Take care :)


You haven't said what meds you take... It maybe that the ones you are taking are not having much effect... Fibro is really trial and error with meds finding the combination that suits you, I am in pain everyday but its a manageable pain, when a flare breaks through its not nice at all ... But my daily pain is down to lots of tried and failed meds and now I know what suits me and I am fairly level and I know what not to do mostly to avoid a flare.... Saying that I did have one last week.... That was caused partly by my arthritis.. Yup fibro invited it for a sleepover and it never went home,

Hope that helps or makes sense.... I do suffer badly with fibro fog...

VG x

I was in a constant flare when I was first diagnosed in july last body had given up and gone into meltdown and it took me until about a month ago to get on an even keel.Or so I thought as a couple of days ago I started feeling a bit rough and shortly after went into a flare which I'm still in! even my finger nails hurt!

afraid I have suffered for more that fifteen years - always in pain but when I get a flare up I am off my feet and in bed for days at a time - sorry but that is how it is for me - you can cope better if you accept the pain and use the medication available to you and keep your mind strong so that depression does not set in focus on what you can still do and not what you cant.

If you're pacing well, even this means having to do very little right now, then you may be avoiding flares. Having flares doesn't mean you feel well in between - a flare is just an increase in symptoms above whatever is normal for you.

I am the same for years feel like my body is giving up on me, constant pain all the time,always exhausted and all over body is painful to the touch cannot even bear to wear clothes or the bedcovers to touch my skin. I get no relief at all but have learned to live with it. I am on load of pain killers and 800mg gabapentin daily. I also have various other illnesses. Bulging disc which is extremely painful/arthritis/colitis/eosophogitis/multiple diverticula/ microscopic colitis/raynodes and a condition called syndrome x that affects my breathing. But it is the fibro and constant pain and the fibro fog that gets me down. I just wish I could get one day without any sort of pain.Thinking about you.

Day without pain ... I will vote for that

I went to my GP last Friday to ask about being put on Nortriptyline. The amytripyline was causing parallesis in my legs. The doctor agreed to try me on these other tablets. I was shocked when I asked him about pain relief. I have been taking co-codemol but they cause many sides effects. I ask him if there was anything else I could take and he informed me that pain-killers do not help the pain related to fibromyalgia !! I explained that every day I am yelling in pain and I was sure that pain-killers would help. He refused to give me any pain relief stating that he wanted to see how I get on with the new tablets. How can anyone say that pain-killers do not help this condition ? They just don't realise how much pain we are in on a daily basis. Anything that even just takes the edge off the pain is a blessing.

Smily in reply to hollykarma

Doctors can be like that and unless you are determined and demand it from them they'll make nothing but making you feel worse. I actually checked if pain killers like Tramadol, what I have been taking myself for a couple of years, are used byt fibro patients and found out many more than any other meds - because of teh results. If It wasn't for tramadol I wouldn't be able to move at least my neck. It doesn't completely work on the pain but makes it much easier.

When my gp first prescribed me with co-codamol I actually got upset with him. I couldn't understand why he was prescribing me with a pain killer in which box I read: causes addictiction after three days. But finally in time I came to understand, there was basically anything else which could help. Indeed, the co-codamol and similars didn't work either. I am now waiting to go back to the pain clinic and I suspect the solution is going to be a stronger pain killer. I am not very happy about this because I might reach the point of not being able to have anything else stronger but if you know what ongoing pain is you give it a try.

If that doc doesn't want to, see another one and explain the problem.

Hi I know the feeling pain 24/7/365 no breaks but I also have flairs am stuck in bed at moment turned over I bed yesterday around 3am and pain lanced all around my sholder blade on my right side, at this moment I am glad I have a touch screen phone I hold the soft tip stylus in my right hand with shoulder being imobalised with pain I just move the phone around with my left, where there's a will there's away or so they say, anyway smiley hope you feel somewhat better soon big gentlr huggs . Sithy

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