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health insurance

I've been researching for a while health insurances and most do not cover chronic illnesses and/or pre-existing conditions. Does any one know if hvaing one is worthy and which one/s would covered these type of syndromes? I also have hypothyroidism, which i think would be cool to e treated privately but with the fibro, the main problem really, am not sure at all?

BUPA for instance rellies on NHS treatments but I guess they won't make you wait to see specialists. What's yur experience or idea?

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Check exactly what they will not cover. E.g. if you have a pre-existing condition, but another condition is suspected, will they cover testing and diagnosis? That can be helpful if you're not happy that everything else has been properly excluded or diagnosed. Many people with Fibro have other conditions alongside it or related to it- e.g. myofascial pain syndrome, hypermobility - and diagnosing and managing these is often crucial for symptom management.


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