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On top of everything else a rotten cold!

Hi all,

I hope you are all keeping well and warm. I have been going downhill all week energy-wise and last night had to go to bed at about 6.30pm, as I came over dog-tired.

Instead of having a nice long sleep I tossed and turned all night with earache, sinus pain, headache and the rest of my body feeling like I've got the 'flu.

When I got up I sneezed and streamed for about 2 hours. My right ear felt like it was on fire and my head felt hot and painful. My throat is still very sore and my glands are up in my neck and feel very sore, too. So after I had had my porridge and a lemsip I went back to bed. I spent the first hour or so up and down to the loo with a very upset tummy so all in all have not been feeling too great!

My husband went to the chemist to pick up my repeat prescription and the pharmacist said that there are a lot of bugs about.

I finally got up at about 3.00pm feeling marginally better but am beginning to flag again now.

Just thought I'd pop in and say "hello" but probably won't have the energy to respond to any of your blogs today, much as I'd like to. I may read through a few later.

I am still trying to psyche myself up to tell you how I got on at an advice centre on Tuesday where I went for help with completing an ESA50 questionnaire. All I'll say for now is thank God I had got the Benefits and Works guides and have taken notice of all the advice given on this wonderful site otherwise I could have been seriously misled. I was disappointed to say the least.

That's all for now. Take great care of yourselves.

Love and hugs Saskia XX

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Hi Saskia

Really sorry to hear you have come down with what sounds like an awful cold. Yes there are a lot of bugs about at the moment. I started coughing a couple of days ago and felt evil. It hasn't turned into a cold yet but I can feel my chest rattle every time I cough.

Take advantage of the weekend, stay in bed, dosed up and get lots of rest. Also make sure you keep up your fluid intake.

Big piggy hugs xxxxxx


Thank you Pinkpig for your kind words, advice and piggy hugs!

I hope your cough doesn't get any worse. You don't want it getting right onto your chest as that will pull you down even more and chest infections are so hard to shake off.

Do you find that when you get some sort of bug or virus it seems to take for ever for them to work out of your system? My GP told me some time ago that, in simple terms, it is because anyone who has a chronic illness is already fighting hard just to function at all and that puts stress on every part of our body so, when a bug hits, we are already very low and the bug just knocks us sideways. He didn't put it in those simplistic terms but that is what I understood from what he told me and it does make sense.

Keep warm and comfortable.

Love and comforting hugs, Saskia XX


Hi Saskia

Off topic but I finally saw you had sent me a message 3 days ago and worked out where it was so I have sent you a lenghty reply. Sorry it toook so long.




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