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Hanging on to my job

I work for HMRC doing admin work, (the lowest grade possible, but that is another story)

On Wednesday I had a capability review at my house, involving my manager a note taker and my union rep. Well the point of the meeting is to see if I am capable to do my job, so what they did was ask me questions about how they can make my job easier for me to manage. I have already reduced my hours from the last time they tried to finish me, so i have told them i will reduce them even further to only 15 as a last attempt to keep my job. And I have also applied for access to work. Also I was off for a week befor christmas because I fell over with the pain in my legs and diziness and gave myself a corking black eye! But as a result I had an appointment with the ATOS nurse, over the phone while I was sitting in my car, shse told me that I was not going to get better. How can a nurse write a report on me from speaking to me on the phone???

A couple of years ago I had a microdiscectomy which my body took ages to recover from, so I went through this process a couple of years ago, it is so stressfull, which doesnt help the fibro symptoms! I have only been diagnosed with fibro and arthritis for a year, but i believe i have suffered for longer.

One of the other options is to apply for Ill Health retirement, the union rep told me that basically you have to be at deaths door to get this (although I feel like this sometimes)

And another option is dismissal.

The union rep asked what is written on my fit note (seronegative arthritis and fibro) and wondered why my depression is not written on there. So I have to get that written on there next time I go to the doctors. She also advised that I seek counselling which is offered by the union.

I really want to go back to work, but my brain is really not functioning properly, and the massive pains in my body.

I havent driven this year, been off work since before christmas and I have been stuck in the house, daytime tv is really pickling my brain, Im actually looking forward to alan titchmarsh coming on :D

I have often thought about working from home but I dont think there is anything for me.

My husband is a self employed plasterer and we dont have a steady income from him, although i am still getting my 25 hour pay at the minute, we have just about managed. What would be the ideal situation is that I worked for him to promote his business and do all his paperwork for him.

Sorry for the whinge...but I do have another one coming about my trip to the reumy yesterday :(


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