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My Tribunal

Sorry I've not been on for a while, but been feeling very down, my doc has diagnosed me with depression, but no tabs are working, but I'm writing on here to ask for any tips or ideas.I've appealed against the decision the DLA made on my benefits. I had been getting the higher rate of mobility for the last 3 years, but since renewing my claim they are now saying I'm not entitled to it. I still get the low rate care, as I struggle to cook a meal, ie lifting pans, or anything in and out of oven due to weak wrists and swollen fingers etc.

I decided to appeal as I feel I have nothing to lose as they have already taken it off me I have RA and Fibro, and I feel my walking has got worse, and don't feel confident anymore to go out alone, even driving the car is becoming a nightmare.

I have been in touch with CAB and they are going to help me get some recomendations from my gp and consultant. What I was wondering is if anyone else has gone through this have you got any tips or recomendations of what I should be finding out or taking with me.Anything would be very grateful, thanks. Hope everyone is not in too much pain with this cold weather.

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Hi pepperflo,

So sorry to hear about all your problems. I am a bit tired at the moment and in need of a rest but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. I shall endeavour to reply to you later today or tomorrow. Not that I can be of any real help but at least I can try to support you. I think it is very important for all of us to feel we have the companionship and understanding of others on this site who are going through similar difficulties.

Take care. I'll be in touch again.

Love and comforting hugs Saskia XX


Thank you saskia it means a lot when people put lovely words like you have. It is great to know that people are just at the end of a comp for a chat xx


Hi my husband had to appeal he had higher rate of care and DLA then they dropped him to middle rate of care yet nothing had changed! We sent in a letter telling them how he is on his worse days,as we all can have good days,they took 4 months to decide and he got back his higher rate. When you do appeal again you need to appeal also about your care component as you would proberbly get middle rate at least. Don't forget it is worse case scenario they need to know. It is very hard I know but do not give in,you are entitled to it !!

Big Hugs and keep safe and warm x

Rainbow x


Thanks Rainbowdancer, so glad your Husband got his award back.I do know my needs have changed even from last month, I just seem to be going downhill, and having to rely on others more. They might think I'm trying to pull the wool over their eyes, but honestly they want to be here esp when Ive been sat on the couch, then needs the loo, so by the time Ive got off the couch, climbed the stairs, I get to the loo, then off into bedroom to get changed, as yet again haven't made it. How I nearly burnt my leg the other week, when I had hold of a cup of tea and my wrist gave way, and cup fell out of my hand so now I use a small light cup and half a cupful. When Ive in the past dropped my dinner while getting it out of the oven etc retreived the potatoes out of the sink while draining them. I'm not going to give in, and again thanks.


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