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interesting snippet on fibro research


I don't know if anyone has seen this. I thought it looked quite interesting

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Apparently the steroids I am on are used to treat inflammatory and auto immune conditions including arthritis and the nervous system... Who knows if they ever kick in I may well be gambolling and frolicking around the forum by spring,,, at which time my GP will take me off them as they are not to be used long term....

I can but hope and dream

Thanks Kaz

VG x

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Good - you can help me round up those wild horses!


Very interesting.


I've heard about this theory before and it makes sense to me and would certainly answer many questions regarding our Fibro, time will tell I suppose.

Thanks for posting Kaz, fascinating stuff! :)

(((hug))) xxx


thankyou for posting KazF.


I'm way ahead of the scientists then because I've been saying this for years! Pretty much everything I've got is related to auto-immune.

Really interesting. Thank you for posting.

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