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Can't get cold weather payments whilst on "appeal" rate ESA!!!!!!!!

Whatever next! having lost more than half of my benefit whilst appealing my ESA decision after a ATOS medical assessment for 20 minutes from someone who doesnt know my problems, i now find out i am not entitled to the £25 cold weather payment i used to get when i was on the full rate ESA, so not only i cant afford to pay my debts run my car so i can easily get to my physio, doctors and counselling sessions, i daren't now put my heating on so i sit with a blanket shivering putting my health at even more risk cos the government think this is fair!!! Rich get richer the poor just die! Another statistic rid of! Its a joke.

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Hello Cazza, I am so sorry you are struggling with this at the moment. Have you tried contacting your energy supplier direct to see if there's anything they can do to help you bearing in mind your current situation. I do feel for you, I hope this helps -

Info on the Warm Home Discount scheme, please click on the link below -

You have to be eligible for this, see here -

If you don’t qualify -

Some suppliers offer the discount to vulnerable people (eg, those on a low income). Each supplier has their own rules about who else can get the discount. Click here to see if your supplier can help you -

(((hug))) xxx



Hi there thank you yes i got this last year not sure if it automatically follows on each year or you have to re-apply? Its a crazy old world isnt it, its just not fair that my mum n dad have to help me out they are pesioners and worked all their lives to now sit back and rest not to keep giving me money so i can survive, it makes me so angry. I sailed through my first assessment no problem yet my next one which was August was a different person i even had more difficulties doing some of the tasks yet they saw me fit for work, im having counselling for depression, self harm and anxiety, physio cos my back has seized due to fybro i dont have to tell you the pain i am in im sure you know already. Its time things changed, i loved my job when i was fit, i enjoyed life, socialising, keeping fit, walking, gardening, diy. none of which i can do now, i even need help getting dressed, getting in/out the bath taking my medication, its horrible i hate putting on people especially when i used be so able. Grrrrrrrrrrrr so frustrated so angry is there any wonder i take it out on myself! Thanks for your kind words xx


just read your comments cazza as this has just happened to myself, on some blood thinning medication and certainly feeling the cold, just got my fuel bill and at present no idea when my next benefit will be paid, cannot run the heating in case i do not qualify for ESA. Just checked the DWP web site for cold weather payment, ONLY one payment from Nov till March, yet the weather forcasters say we are below average temps ! if i stop taking my meds i risk further ill health, if i dont have heating i risk freezing to death. its a never ending circle.


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