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We have had no Snow but today it is falling gently

dont kow if it will come to much probably just more inconveinience my answer at moment is to retreat to bed where it was generealy comfy and warm. That is something I have been unable to say for a very long time. - bed comfy nah so better enjoy this turn up for the books for once. My vision is very out of focus and I have tried eyes so a visit to the optician will be on the cards. I keep moving my varifoculs up and down the old nose trying to find the elisive point so I can see.. So porridge alwas like to start with porridge and then bed.

Getting chilly have a good morning every one


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Stay in bed gins , KazF has already come a cropper this morning outside take it easy and emerge when the weather gets warmer.. A the moment we are having a hail storm ....

VG x


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