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Unusually yesterday I slept better than I have for literally years did it help?

It took longer to get moving and the cold is wrotten for us Fibro people - it is essential you keep warm put another t shirt on under your jumper extra layers make such a difference. Socks your winter hat and a scarf and that is just to go to the loo ah to late never mind at least it will keep you warm while you change. Yes Incontinence is a pain in the butt I am informed it will go away as my disc goes back to normal (ha)

I feel like the escimo sitting at the ice hole waiting for fish...................... I am still waiting! Now I am stuck to the ice....................

Maybe Libby will fly by and leave me some kippers very partial to kippers and brown bread (the butter goes with out sayin)

Now VG which much stand for Very good will tell me off but I am trying to loose weight even got the scales out this morning but I annot read them they are too far away over the hill to see the numbers.

No good bringing OH into this he is bizzy auditioning for EG exceptionally grumpy and it is really very weary making. I know and acknowledge he is very deaf VD oh that is something else, but I can hear a pin drop at fifty yards. So stop kreeping up on me VG unless you have made coffee!


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Creeps in quietly and taps Gins gently on the shoulder from behind.... Gins jumps startled and knocks hot coffee all over VG ... Good job I was wearing the hated onsie... Now I shall head back to the kitchen to make you more.... Goes off and teaches Gins OH some of the finer points of being Exceedingly Grumpy...

VG x


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