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Warm front discount

I am going to start by blaming fibro fog as I can not for the life of me remember where on this site or which email highlighted it but here goes

Due to getting the above I went on the following link ( hope it works)

I have found out that as I get child tax credits, and or. ESA I can get £130 as a credit off of my electricity bill also long as I let them know by 23 rd jan which benefit i get and the credit will be on my March bill.

So that is what I have done ( I am with E ON ) I did it on line which was just basic info ie name account no., email details and what benefit I am on. Sent it off and within half an hour I got a text saying I was entitled and so would get the credit on March's bill

This is a lot of money to me and I just want to say thank you to who ever put it on this site, and I am just sorry I can't remember who you are


Caroline xxx

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it is a lot of money i appl.ied before xmas and they confirmed i qualify and also applied for my dad who is 85 for his house and he is also eligible x


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