Hi everyone.i was wondering has anyone ever seen a neurologist for the pins and needles,numbness,burning and paralyse that inexperience a is just I am hoping to see the dr depending.and I want to see if I can get a referral to see a neurologist.any the tablets the rheumatologist and dr have prescribed do not work.can anyone help out there.

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  • Hi there nice to chat to you !

    Yes I have seen a Neurologist , if you have been refered everything will be assessed in that appointment and you will be asked a lot of questions to do with your problems.

    What medication have you been given and have you chatted to your GP about your medicatoins not helping ?

    My neck went and i have pins and needles in both sides and was so not very nice and i think that you find a lot will have or is experienceing the same things and either have some form of relief or not , as we all take to medications differently .

    I am on LYrica (pre-gabalin ) and pain meds .

    Please always discuss with your Dr if you are not happy with things and keep updated with things.

    xxxx caroline xx

  • I have seen a rheumatologist but they only added meds that my drs have not given me!i used to take naproxen but it didn't work and pizotifen again it didn't I just take adcal d3 and gabapentin.

    Unfortunately my drs do not seem to understand is insuring to say the least.

    I just need some help with the neurological symptoms as they are unbearable and it has been noticed from the paralyse I have weakness!

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