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I have dutifully read yesterdays posts. VG is back thank goodness pedalling away at her hand/foot exerciser -

may be some time till she enters the round Britain Cycling race. But not only is she attempting exercise but diet as well well done we all cheer!

I have discovered that my will power went when my back gave up the ghost and I now crave chocolate more than anything. I now where I have hidden some and although it is 7.30 am I am am struggling to refrain.

I am as you now a pretty positive person and my positivity is working overtime at moment. VG is now my wonder woman wearing tights with knickers over the top to cycle the channel by hand. I am that rather large whale floating beside her in expandable spandex [promoting cadburys[ come on place your bets everyone the challenge must be who walks down the champs elsie for easter!

My first view of Paris was as a fresh 17year old on my way to be finished! Yes I was one of those! I remember it was Autumn and the little lights covered the trees linning the Champs Elsie so enchantingly pretty. Whre am I now well at a kitchen table an there is a barage of geese passing over the house honking their way to the marsh to feed for the dAY.

oH THE CHOCOLATE HAS WON FOR THE MOMENT sorry I will start again tomorrow xxgins

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Don't worry GIns I am sure you will win the race now .....after not tolerating every medicine known to man and being in flare since mid December my wonderful GP is trying me on steroids..... So

A> I am going to look like mrs universe and win the Tour de France on my static pedal cycle

B) I am going to swell up and be carried round on a piece of string like a helium balloon

Am guessing it will be B

VG x


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