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Good News update Road rage....or bad news my landa randa is ill going to cost me !!

Good News  update Road rage....or bad news  my landa randa is ill going to cost me !!

is the Road Rage incident i had back in August this year with a stupid lad in his 20's and not his 1st Road rage was his 3rd only got away with others,...ahhh but not with moi..

He was sentenced on Monday 14th january in Crown Court leeds

18 months community service, 200 hrs unpaid work, 500.00 GBP fine and a kerfew 8pm -6am.. guess thats good the court gets something what do i get .. as much as he got his just deserved .. it has named me publicly which in my business could cause problems .

My Bad News! .. My landrover wanted to start but just not firing up so got Rescue recovery out and even he could not help, so had to phone a friend or 2 to try sort and am still waiting to hear to fit me in for what is actually wrong! However.. the guy who was recovery man told me in a discussion we had that he has a Range Rover Sport!!!! ohhhhh my days was i melting as its my fav out of them ,, i asked him nicely if passing by one day would he let me drive or borrow it lol i was no longer frozen in the icy cold weather i was melting with a dream hahaah .. he is selling it too , except it will no where be anything i could ever possibly buy! ohh if only i would be a happy little fairy!!

i was in urgent need of things from shop so not realising time i thought well i must go as i ran out of electricity!! it is on a meter always in credit as in bills but i been home so all the heating i using for what its worth costs us 10-15 pounds a day! i thought i shall risk walking to shop as it is 10 minute round trip to get there and back took me 55 minutes!!!!

luckily my daughter was getting off school bus at the shops so she met me and had to aid me all the way home as it killed me to walk i had to stop numerous times .. my walking stick was in hubbys car and the big umbrellas are in boot of his car.. gutted so thought ohh am sure i will manage just try and try i did and i doubt i will try again if this is the consequence how rough i felt after is not nice, i was well wrapped up and could not feel my left foot or hand floppy doppy .

we did laugh allll the way back though was funny , her little friend who is also same age as her 12yrs ran off home think she had enough .. i need matchstix to keep my eyes open and bionic fingers now to help i am cracker jackered my sinus's and my head are blown away but there ya go . if only shops could come to us hahahhaah

hope everyone else is ok pps i left the WOK on the stove as was trying to do a stir fry and forgot the kittens in the kitchen and was all over tut tut.. then i wanted a cuppa so got the kettle and walked around in circles forgot where it belonged then i did feel really daft!! has anyone else done things like this lol xxxxx

Take care all xxx caroline x

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Hi Caroline

Brilliant news about the road rage case. Lets hope he has learnt his lesson this time.

I so want a new car but at the moment I cat afford it. I am lucky that we have a little co-op 5 mins walk from here. I know it costs a bit but could you not so your shopping on the Internet? I just hope you don't suffer too much tomorrow after all that walking.

Don't worry I do really silly things too. Have you ever tried a cuppa with orange juice instead of milk? Or put the kettle in the fridge? I have :-)

Piggie hugs xxxxx


hi pinky piggles ... lol ..ohhhh i so thought that was something real!! tea with orange juice .. thought it was a suggestion..

i will reply tomoro to you as just got back picking keys up from a customers as no car myself.

ayyyy lassy we do have some strange days around us who knows whats next hahaah xxx

big huggles spk very very sooonles or spooon xxxxx


Hi Caroline, so sorry to hear about your car, I hope it all sorts out for you very soon.

I sold my car last year as I don't drive any more, I get chauffeured around by hubby now if I need to be taken anywhere. We are hoping to update his car asap but with just moving and Christmas being so expensive, we might have to delay it a bit. Cars can be a pain can't they. They're ok all the time they're working well.

As Piggie suggests, how about doing an online shop, I do all the food shopping this way and then at weekends or when hubby takes me anywhere we top up on perishables. It works out cheaper shopping online too because you don't walk around the shop and get tempted by things! Might be worth a try for you! :)

I constantly do silly things, the worst to date was putting hubby's slippers in the freezer, that took us a couple of days to discover! He wasn't too chuffed because they were frozen solid, it did make us laugh though, we had a good chuckle about that one! I've also cooked a roast chicken without switching the oven on, it never occurred to me that I couldn't smell it cooking. When I went into the kitchen just over an hour later to check how it was doing, of course it was raw! I often mess up cups of tea and I've poured orange juice into my cup of tea too! Seems to be a common problem lol!

I am sure we all do silly things, all part of having Fibro! As long as we can have a chuckle about it, there's no harm done. Hopefully we don't do anything dangerous! Please be careful folks!

(((hug))) xxx



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