I am lookinf for poems I have written in the past that I may nit havekept copies of to put into my book

Having browsed through all my blogs I

Found a few but what really Left me devaststed was the change in me, i have become a whining woman

Where is the old me full of fun and determined to make people laugh,,,,,,

So from this blog on I will seek to find the clown that lives with in watch this space

Well not this space the empty ones i am going to fill with laughter


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  • Lets start with funny captions for your pic!!!

    'No goldfish in this bowl!!!'

    I am sure you are still full of fun !!

    Looking forward to reading better comments than mine ! A poor attempt I think

  • hahaha i like this .

    my nick name is gold fish!! D'oh lol xx

    Round and round the glass bowl

  • lol like the comment or maybe hey sis you clean yet

  • Not sure Petal is worrying about her picture right now, her poems mean the World to her. I will take a look through all the old blogs Petal and hopefully find some of your work. Leave it with me and I will check it all out for you.

    Please don't worry about how you are Petal, however you think you may have changed, there is always a welcome here for you and we are all in this Fibro thing together.

    Take care my dear and let's hope between us we can find something for you to use for your wonderful new book.

    Bless you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Here's one for starters Petal xxxx


  • Still more -





    That looks to be about it Petal, hope that helps with your book, I know how much these all mean to you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thank you for your efforts lib but all I am getting on blog is here is one and then nothing must be something I am doing wrong I really want go put a thought provoking forward in the book referringbto fibromyalgia the undercover illness whay

    T are yourbthoughts on this it wont be a great seller but it will be avail world wide and on ebook for nook kindle kobo etc trying to decide on the cover and title maybe called through the shadows into the light perhaps with the fibro ribbon just plain purple to get people to ooen up to see what the purple ribbon is for just a thought give me your feed back petal

  • Have worked it out thamks petal

  • ohhh faded blossom

    i think of the flowers that bloom then sleem then bloom then sleep that is how i see what happens, we go through phases and there is no prediction as to when, the diffference with the flowers are the summer they bloom then winter gloom .

    for us it can be a little here a little there , just a little every where.

    its sharp & dull,

    we twinge we blink from the intense poke it gives to provoke,

    it's hard to stand pull a chair to land,

    ahhh we think as we sink into the comfort of our plumped up chairs

    just as we do we jump for the the pain it hits us again

    try to get comfy, such a joke

    today was a hand tomoro maybe the hip, the knee, the foot or will be easy and relaxing for me

    the days that are tough ohhh god its so rough,

    my bed keeps me hooked with a TV and Book if only the fingers work as turning pages does hurt,

    i shall use the laptop if my hands behave i just try be brave,

    the loo is calling, here i come crawling lets hope its not urgent or be no option,

    the bed i stay as the stairs are no way they just seem far away,

    a cup of tea would be nice to have but who's here to help i might have to chelp

    looks like my days here to stay with horrible flare, how long will it stay and keep me up here.

    lets hope tomoro is an easier day with no one around it is hard for those with no one to hand.

    Sorry bloss i just made up as i went along as i love poetry but not that good at it, my brother is a bit of rap singer and has a really good voice but not good enough to be noticed lol he rhymes everything i have some things from him when he was away some poems he did to me which i have kept them all as memorable treasurable memories.

    now he is up road and annoying after 5 mins haahahhaah xxxxxxx

    lots of luv and dont worry as you never know what another day will bring i get so down and forget who's around as in such a bubble its hard to find a way out, then i will have a decent day and everyone thinks wooooohhhh whats going on as that used to dealing with me feeling so rough so it is very tough..

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cazzie xxxx fairy wishes some fairy dust to be sprinkled over fm family of virtual friends so we can all experience some nicer days to smile and enjoy a joke or 2 because we do not all feel up to laughing every day and each day is unpredictable i may have a good day when another has a bad.. i laugh so much despite the pain and the hurt but there are times so hard xxxxx

  • Fairy please read my answer to lib and PLEASE SEND ME THIS TO USE AS THE FORWARD PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW ME TO USE IT my email address can be obtained from admin show them this reply petal

  • thanks bloss

    i just sat after reading your post and something just popped out of my head into my hands and into the keyboard through virtual windows just getting to you hehehe xxxxx

    of course with pleasure if you like it by all means.

    Some ickle mistakes in there but thats the whole joys.

    huggles and snuggles xx

  • Excellent idea Petal xxxx

  • I hope you find all your poems hun. It took me ages to find mine on a nother website so I could put them into this sites poetry corner. But I got there int he end. xxxxx

  • most of mine are on a jump stick but the ones i wrote when my husband was dying last month were only on facebook and there are several written for indivuals as well

    i am hoping to design a cover leaning toward fibro and putting in a dedication to fibro sufferers all over may not sell many but hey its worth a try. thanks for good wishes am very unsure and nervous

    publisher calling for more material lol

  • Brilliant idea Petal, love the idea of the title "Through The Shadows Into The Light", and the idea of displaying a purple ribbon on the front for instant Fibromyalgia recognition is great!

    I wish you all the best with this, it sounds wonderful and we will be happy to help you where we can, discussing your ideas etc.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thanks will get back to u when it isvdesigned a waynto go yet still submitting poems lol

  • Really looking forward to seeing it all come together Petal, wishing you the best of luck with it. :) xxxx

  • good luck with your book challenge. hope you found what you were looking for.

    It is amazing to think that FM is now one of the most common diagnoses and yet it is regarded so badly by those who know little to nothing about it. Btw, Amazon sent me through a link yesterday to a new FM book by Christine Craggs-Hinton re. some recommended treatments.

  • Thsmks summercat

    And yes I have found all my poems will write another dozen or so I write yhem in moments thought everyone did lol but apparently not msybe I was rudyard kipling in an earlier life cos I also write childrens stores and wildlife short stories getting so hard rto type am soon going to be using voice controls thank goodness for technology lol

  • Well done Petal, you have many strings to your bow! I hope it all goes well for you and I can't wait to see it all progress. Please keep us updated when you can.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • There being proof read at the mo but am tangled with dwp for some reason the have halved my monthly income I think they may have tangled me with rob who died a month ago I hope it can be sorted is very worrying I dont think it is an atos thing at least I hope nit I recvd a letter from job centre putting me in something called support group maybe this has something to do with it I am no good on the phone and house bound p a away for ten days going to be a lean few days have to live off my cellulite

  • Thanks for help I have now found all my poetry and its all systems go

  • good luck, its a brill idea xx

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