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Really bad day

Real bad day today got up to wake the kids for school legs felt a bit tingly started too go down the stairs and fell so now in major pain just got over that and received a phone call from ESA saying my money was stopping as I didn't score any points in my medical then ring the doctors to get in about my back at 10.18 receptionist offers me an appoinment for 10.20 the surgery is a twenty minute walk for me on a good day don't know what too do with myself feel so low :(

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Hello Fallenangel, so sorry to hear how you are feeling today. You have a lot on your plate to deal with right now so it's not surprising when it all gets a bit too much.

If you can manage to get to the Doctors it would help you, discuss how you are feeling, that you are struggling to cope at the moment. There might be some medication your GP could prescribe for you to give you a little lift and help you manage a little easier, perhaps an anti-depressant might help. Also a review of your current meds to ensure you are getting sufficient pain relief which will also help you to feel a bit better.

Have you considered appealing against the decision regarding your ESA claim? If you would like some info on this process please email us on and we will send you the Benefits and Work info sheets for free, which have useful info on completing forms, assessments and appeals etc.

Wishing you all the best, I hope you get on well at the Doctors and that you feel better soon.

Take care. We are always here for you.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Fallenangel,

So sorry to read about your day yesterday. As Libs advises, you should appeal about the decision on your ESA claim when you feel strong enough. Would someone be able to help you with this?

I am sorry to read about your fall, especially as you are looking after little ones as well.

I do hope that your GP was able to see you yesterday and that he could help you with the severe pain you must have been in. If it is any consolation, I fell up our stairs between Christmas and the New Year and one of my poor arthritic knees is still swollen! I think I lost my balance. The fact that your legs were tingling and wobbly sounds a bit unusual and hopefully your GP will check all this out for you. Do you suffer with low blood sugar? That can cause my legs to feel like they are going to buckle under me. My GP has arranged for me to have a full blood screening. It can't do any harm.

Please let Libs and I know how you are getting on. I have visions of you not having a very good weekend, in a lot of pain, and trying to look after your little ones. I hope in reality you are having a much better weekend than I am imagining.

Look after yourself,

Love and hugs Saskia XX


Hi guys not been too good spent all weekend in bed managed too get up and dressed today I am going to go back too the doctors and get all my meds reviewed and this numbness looked at it happens in my arms too but my old doctor told me it was part of fibro I'm going to appeal the ESA thing I've had the report back and its ridiculous some of the reasons are because I can lift and empty card board box and put a pen in my pocket and make a microwave meal I'm fine I don't know who thinks up the questions for these Medicaid but they are ridiculous thanks for getting back to me I don't really talk too anyone about my illness as I feel that cause I don't look poorly all the time they will think I'm making it up x x


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