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I'm a very Lucky girl!

As you may know im going through my first really major flare up and i cant believe how much pain im in and i had run out of tramadol cos i had to give my daughter some over xmas so it had left me short and then there was a mix up at the gp's so i didnt get any more tramadol with my repeat script and i was positively climbing the walls in pain!

Well yesterday afternoon with still no tramadol my gp rang me personally. She had seen a note on the receptionists desk about my meds and she decided to give me a ring to find out what was going on. I explained the whole sorry episode to her and as usual she just listened quietly til i was finished. She then offered not only to write the script there and then but take it to the chemist and also arranged to have it delivered within the hour!!!!!!

How many Gp's would have done that? Yesterday evening she rang again to check i had recieved my meds and then stayed on the phone chatting for about 15 mins about my flare up and she guided me in helping myself through it through rest, meds, and aids that could help.

My OH is going straight to the florist after work today to go and order her a lovely bouquet of flowers to show our gratitude and how much we appreciate this lovely lady going out of her way for me.

Just shows that out there some lovely gp's do care after all....Charlii x

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Hi Charlii

That is such good news. I too have a lovely GP. It is heart warming to know there are still some good people in the world.

I hope you are now feeling a little better and taking on all her advise to get you through this awful flair up.

Try and stay strong.

Piggie hugs xxxxxxxx


Hi Charlii, hope the flare is settling down, what a lovely GP. Mine is lovely too, helps so much to have a GP that understands and listens.


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