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Fed Up

Hi all I have had Fibro since 2007 and have been able to cope on and off since being ill health retired in april 2010. We moved house December and 2nd day in I was taken to hospital A&E as I had chronic swollen feet and legs, temperature, shivers, bloodspressure was 170/160 and ECG showed my heart was racing, they was so busy as I would have had to sit there until morning before I saw the consultant so said I would discharge myself, I needed a bed pain meds, not a chair in a waiting room, saw a sister who discharged me saying as I had Fibro the strain of moving had brought on Polymylagia and caused the swelling, I was to take Dicofenac and elevate my legs. A week later i saw my new GP and had blood tests results were stage 3 kidney disease and that was causing all the symtoms, I was put on medication and 3 weeeks later feeling better, legs normal again, so yet again you mention Fibro and they assume its linked.I also have abdominal atrophy caused by two major operations and it is so painful and limits what I can do, has anyone else suffered with this. Kaylyn

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Hi there

Sorry you have been through so much and that the hospital weren't much help. I am just glad you are on the road to recovery.

I haven't suffered anything like this but I do think we assume everything we have is because of fibro, which as you have proved, it often isn't. Yes we maybe more susceptible having fibro but it isn't necessarily the route of all our problems. I think doctors and nurses alike need to look at the bigger picture.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Piggy hugs xxxxxx


Hi Kaylyn,

So sorry to hear about all your health probs. What an awful experience you had in A&E. I would have felt the wanting a bed to lie on and some pain relief. As you say, you wonder if the mere mention of Fibromyalgia seems to rule out the possibility of anything else being wrong in the med. profession's eyes. I haven't suffered in the same way as you but I do have various health probs. as well as Fibromyalgia. Your probs. sound horrendous. Poor you, you must have been in excruciating pain. I am so glad to hear that you seem as though you are on the road to recovery from your recent prob. with your kidneys now with a good GP who is thorough. Thank God he did the blood tests and got to the cause of the prob.

Take great care of yourself and take things steadily as you settle into your new home. I'll be thinking of you.

Love and hugs. Saskia. XX


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