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back in pain

After feeling so well for such a long time it was a total shock to the system when i crashed and burned last weekend had almost forgotten how bad i can get. It was probably trying to stay strong over the christmas for everybody and looking after grandchildren at the same time went to bed one to wake up feeling like id been run over by a bus, when i say everything hurt even my hair hurt. Well of to doctors in the morning to see about pain meds again may be there is something new to try not holding my breath though

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it is hard i have been taken down by it again and i cant find the way out the black hole i no how you feel i hope you can get you pain under control hugs ;-)


thank you stoker and hope and pray you feel better soon also xx


Totally sympathise with you there , been trying to soldier on since just before the new year ... Have booked a phone appt with my GP for tomorrow there's no point me going by taxi cos he is fuly booked for 3 weeks. Hoping he will write my flare prescription without me having to see him as its the same old same old. I have decided to give in and stop pretending to my family and everyone I am ok

Good luck



Good luck with your phone appt also Grumpy. Same here i always say i'm ok when i'm not i think they get fed up of me moaning but hey i have something to moan about should call myself moaner


1958 x


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