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Whats wrong - is it the heat? What can I do?

I hv Fibro, CFS and arthritis. I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago and hvnt worked for going on 6 yrs.

Was in U.K., was very spoilt.

Now back in South Africa and disappointed and depressed.

I live alone in a house so hv to do everythi g alone. Since getting back

on the 4th health has gone downhill. I hv eaten sandwiches, unpacked my bags thatsabout it.

I hv a body that is useless, I hv been to shops for a little food, othawise my bed has been my only companion. When I do stand up I feel like falling over. My poor dog is neglected. Hv to checkshe has food. I hv no energy, feel weak and hv a functioning body that just won't.

Fibro is so disabling and crippling.

Wish I had someone to help.

I work so hard to b positive and get healthy and active but........

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Living house us trauma and moving country more so even it was home to you in the last a lot has changed there sit in the sun fir an hour or

so do not be too afraid to do this u need the vitamins a that sun gives you for your bones greet your neighbours the open friendliness of the country more is still the same i don't know why you would have returned without assessing the situation u must have done so stop thinking i can not and think i can you managed before you can do this again the raids there are gentle and loving employ one if only to sit and chat fir an hour a day u are letting the depression side of fibro get the better of you fight back hun have you no family or friends there are you must not sit on your own the lonlier you get the worse your symptoms get. both African doctors are not geared for fibro so it is not going to be easy whatever you original plan of action was when you decided to go back must be followed good luck hun alles van die beste i am an ex limbo and weighed up the pros and cons of going home there where to many cons fir ne petal


I don't know whether it will help you to know....it took me 6 months to get over a flight last year. The circulated air was very bad for ME. I drank lots of water and really went back to basics with pacing. My food had to be very safe. No chemicals, dairy , wheat or nightshades. I did come through it though.

It's so easy to feel a crash is for ever. It does pass.

Its so hard when you're on your own.....but also you have peace and quiet and can rest without interruption x

I hope it passes quickly for you x



Tx. Didnt think jet lag cld affect so bad.


Sorry my post seems to have repeated itself.... LOL

Yes I was a bit shocked. I didn't get much jet lag going TO canada, but coming home it was a MAJOR problem.

I got migraines, my sleep disappeared... Any energy left....and the fibro pain hit like several hammers.

I really had to start from bed rest and give myself time to recover.

It did pass though.

I hope it will settle down again for you too.

I found some very easy foods so that I didn't have to do much. soups are realy good, and sweet potato and marrow mash. I made up a big batch and put it in small pots in the freezer, so I could just grab something quick and easy. I ate a lot of humous and oat biscuits. Raw veggies, carrots and celery.

There are write ups about the circulated air of aircraft. Everyones bugs are piped back into the plane. Our immune system has to work really hard.



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