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Why do I do these things? What a jolly old day :-)

Well yesterday I went off to pic up something for a friend. One hour on bus to get there and a little walk to the shop and hour bus back. So easy for the normal person however here is how it went.

Sick on bus as driver could not decide if he wanted to excellerate or break. Got off bus to find body and legs thought they were onboard a ship so wibbly wobbly walk to the shop. Picked up the item and got distracted bu the big lovely sales signs so spent money I can ill aford. Back on the bus which had a great driver, nice smooth drive so of course being shattered I fel asleep and went to next town past mine by mistake but guess I needed the sleep. back the right way again trying desperately to stay awake. Got off at the right stop only to be stopped by my lovely but lonley neighbour so stood, well leant against a wall to chat to her for nearly an hour by which time I was frozen, yes I forgot my coat.

Well finally got home five and half hours after going out totally shattered and in terrible pain but still feel I had a good day. Oh and to top it off I have said I will go out with my lovely friend today when I really wand a duvet day but at least I will be driven from dorr to door as she understands my firbo so well. Got to love her.

Have a lovely day everyone xx

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hi i know just what you mean about bus drivers , one of ours belts along slamming on his brakes at the last minute, i think he would pass emerency braking on a test as thats the only sort he knowthen we had a young 1 who would start going before people had sat down no matter how old or infirm , not at all like the bus ad on the tv

i hope you had a lovely day today,

take care xx


Yes bus drivers are a law unto themselves but I did have a lovely day. Paying for it now though but thats how it goes :-)


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