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got over the flu now gums and tooth loose

having got over the flu feeling alot better than i did ,went to docs yesterday she pleased im looking better ,asked about the riding fir disabled and she supporting me and would help with confidance and muscle tone aswel getting to meet peaple ,hope it will help with my depression , ,long i dont over do ,

wrote email to riding school so waiting on reply , cant wait to get back in the saddle if cant do that will try carrage driving ,which i used to do years ago , ,

depends on my fibro and arthritise and fatuge . how i go ,

so took the bull by the horns yeasterday and orderd my johpers and riding boots ,

,know with suffering with tmj my flipping gums sore and with teeth grinding my tooth loose , does any one suffer the same had gum shield but keeped popping out ,

so plucking up the courage to dentist which i hate going ,

the man i see says becouse of fibro i need a check up every 3 months,

all have a good day ,

gentle hugs

tink xx

will keep you all posted to let you no how i get on

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