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What a weird Day

Hi folks well today I got up early...well early for me I had to go to Salisbury for Hydro therapy.....Got washed dressed and ready to go, and OH said well I hope they have fixed the hoist!! I said* well we havent been for 3/4 weeks so should have. * ( last time we went they said it works now and again and if it breaks down we will get you out somehow!! ) So I called and they said er no its not working!! So we decided not to go as I cannot get up the steps.

We then went to my spa I am a member of and I had a walk in the pool,and a soak in the Jacqusi (not sure of spelling ) Then we came home because the care in the comunity guy was coming at 3;30........4;00 bit late, then 4;15 male nurse arrived. I was horrified as he was to be my main carer I thought. !! :-( When my husband goes into respite !!

Turns out that we can get some help for half hour three times a day,what on earth could Mac do in half hr intervals. The guy said " well the morning one would be between 7 and 11 and they will strip wash you and dress you and get your breakfast.)..... * What in 30 mins!! and I do not need anyone to strip wash me than-kyou and I get my med's and breakfast. * then between 11 and 2 another half hr to cook a meal ( we do not use microwave's ) then again between 4 and 7 to help with toilet needs and get your Tea..... Or you can choose 7 to 11 half hr to get you washed and into bed......We said no thankyou we can manage.........

I know loads of people who need this sort of thing and have no choice, but I do not want any of it ,I will get a friend to take me to the pool * free spa entry for them* and My daughter will take me out if Mac needs a break !!!

The man said we need to get a referal from the Dr,we told him that is what this was!

Apparently the gov thinks that is enough time for any one the guy said even people who are terminally ill still only get 3 visits a day. But he did agree the package he was offering was not helpful to us.

All through this My poor little dog was coughing spluttering and realy poorly,all he wanted was a cuddle but he never even got one as every time I picked him up he started coughing and being poorly.........................What a day we have had :-)

Well hope you have all had a good day ..Gentle Hugs to all

Love, Rainbow x x x

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Sorry to here your day was not good and your little dog is poorly, hope tomorrow is better for you xx


Thanks MaryT...he is a bit better today x wish i could say the same !! We are both really struggling,and no help as yet. but hey ho ,onwards as they say!!


For me that would have been an awful day so I am guessing it was for you too. It sounds like the package was the package from hell. neither use nor ornament and if you can manage better without than go for it xxxxx


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