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Davy Crockett

Hi everyone.

Well done. Good to hear of another male with Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with it, plus M.E. in 2001 after 8 yrs of struggling with pain and fatigue. I'm still struggling with them both today. I also have OCD. Two of the 3 illnesses tend to be associated with females so I'm concerned how I'll be judged, if and when I'm called in for ESA medical (had the call to inform me forms are on the way). Dreading them telling me I'm fit for work because who would employ a 56 yr old with these health issues?

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Hi Davy Crockett

Good to see another man on this site as unfortunately this is a predominately female condition. Don't worry about ESA forms just tell them how bad these conditions leave you in and added with side effects of medication,



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