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What to do?

Been off work for just over two weeks now I am a cashier at local supper market,due to retire in September.I am contracted for 30 hours a week,The last year or so have been really struggling,and now cant decide if to go back or not,worrying if I can cope,I can go back on reduced hours,but then that's less money,or do I stay on the sick!!...Have to go see doc on Wednesday and nurse at work Friday...I want to go back but my body is saying noo :-( xx

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Listen to your body, if you don't you won't be in a fit state to work or have any quality time at home.... I had to give up work aged 35 due to fibro and then arthritis jumped in.... It's not just the physical side of work its the effect the worry has on you mentally, we had a big loss in money so had to adapt but we did, and I have never regretted my decision

Hope everything works out for you whatever you decide

VG x


Thank you..and yes it is the mental side...and gets me stressed..xx


Hello there Myrtil, so sorry you have all this worry. Perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss with your GP about your concerns regarding your work, see what they recommend bearing in mind how you are feeling and coping etc. If you are feeling that you can't go back at the moment, perhaps another week might help and certainly help you to think about it all a bit more before you decide.

Sometimes we go back to work all too soon and then end up taking even more time off so it pays not to rush into these things. I had the same happen to me, went back too early and ended up being permanently off, having to leave altogether.

Are your work sympathetic, could your hours be adjusted to suit you better whilst still giving you enough money?! All considerations to be discussed maybe.

I hope it all goes well for you on Wednesday, please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you Myrtil and we will do all we can to help and support you along the way.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



Yes my doctor listens and said he would carry on signing sick notes for me, and explained to me that the nurse at work would need to see me and that if I cant do the work any longer they would discharge me on ill health..I didn't want it this way,wanted to carry on till September then reduce my hours depending on what my state pension will give me,I know I will be getting the full amount,have had a forcast, but then things can change,but my health comes first,work knows my health history.but I do belive some think I am just trying to finish earlier because I have been having a good old moan about it in the last few months I had a full knee replacement 3 years ago the op went well .but I still have trouble with it,awfull lot of numbness there which have travelled its way down to my feet,plus my Arthritis,which as crept on a lot more in the last year,saw the Rhumy last year and because my bloods are normal,discharged me,I said could this be Fibro?..So much soreness and discomfort,doctor never mentions the word..(fibro) was thinking to ask for some xrays or ultra scan...Oh what to do!...The thing is ppl dont see your pain and discomfort...xx


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