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What a busy day iv got today!

Well what a busy day iv got today!

This is my last day of my Christmas annual leave and I'm back to work tomorrow,but today I have a....

9 o'clock appointment with my nurse for my injection.

9.30 my first visit to weight watchers,never had to diet before but iv put 2 stone on last year and I really need to loose the weight.

12.30 hospital appointment at the neurophysiological department for my nerve conduction test to see if I have carpal tunnel in both hands.

4.30 back to the hospital to the sleep apnea clinic to have a monitor strapped to my chest plus various sensors which I have to go home and sleep in and tomorrow I return the equipment,I work at the hospital so I can go and have it taken off then go to my department to work.

So has you can see I have a very busy day!

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Busy times...I had my foot injected last week and other than the pain of the actual standing on a nail...I have been pain free since and should do for 3 months.

The nerve conduction tests are strange, I had loads of after pain with mine as it gives you really jerky movements. I'm having both my wrists injected friday as carpel tunnel was found in both wrists.

Ask them to just show you how to wire yourself up later with the straps as I's pretty uncomfortable unless you intend to go straight to bed...they will set the equiptment to start monitering once your in bed and to go off when you would usually wake. I started cpap on the 31st Dec after the study showed I had OSA, its early days for me and I am having some teething issues with my mask and leaks.

I've also steadily put on weight over several years and doubled my weight from my once slim 8stone...I have also been told that once sleeping better, my high bp and weight issues could be helped considerably.


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