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My first Question. Advice on meds

Hi. I have replied on lots of posts in the last couple of months but this is my first question. Happy New Year all.

I was changed from Amitriptyline to Pregabalin a couple of months ago after seeing a rheumy. He also recommended Duloxetine and am due to see GP next week to see about going onto it. I have heard that you may not be able to take tramadol or cocodamol whilst on duloxetine. Is this true or does anyone else take either meds with it. Two, what side effects can I expect. Considering I had drunken symptoms and room spin on lie down when started Pregabalin, so get lot of side effects.

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Hi, was on the Pregabalin for a wee while there and i would say they were helping me but due to the weight gain (which i put down to water retention) i stopped them as really did not want the extra weight to start causing me more problems. Duloxetine is the one i am going to ask my GP about next but quite wary about it as have read a lot of bad things about it on the internet, more so when people are trying to come off it though. Not entirely sure but i don't think you can take Tramadol with it. The slow release Tramadol is the only one that i have managed to tolerate to date and i have tried quite a few.


Hi, I hope this is of some use, but make sure you write down all your concerns and ailments before the meeting ok?

I am on Pregabalin and Amitriptyline. Pregabaline is taken at 7am and 7pm so its all the time and Amitriptyline I take at 7pm. I also take Codydramol, which is a relative of co codamol, but I forget why I can't have it. Maybe too strong a combination? I take it at 7am [when I wake for work] and then, if needed, 2 every four hours, but thats not all the time. These help with break through pain. The others help curb the nerves reactions. Anyway, I am also on Tegretol for Epilepsy - but my doctor said its also used for FM!? I get restless leg syndrome and Amitriptyline helps with that too.

Yes I did say I work. I am a Teaching Assistant. I will pop info on a blog post for you and others in case that helps too.

I hope you are successful in getting what works for you. I have gained weight but I would rather put up with that than the pains. I was already overweight so some of its my fault.

Soft hugs


Thank you. I also work and want to remain working too. I will write everything down. I do have an excellent GP. I am lucky I gained over two stone with Amitriptyline and dropped some weight as I was coming off it. I am amazed with the Pregabalin as I have decreased appetite.


The best thing to do Jom would be to have a word with your GP to see if they advise taking Tramadol or Co-Codamol with Duloxetine. We can only advise to the best of our knowledge and cannot take the place of medical professionals, so please have a chat with your GP about this to see what they advise regarding your medications and what is compatible. :)

(((hug))) xxx



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