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Good morning as much as a very tired one

Hope you can all relax or do something nice this weekend.

Dare say i can as i never do anything apart from the necessary.

Whats visiting?!?

Shoppings a chore and want to come home.

Went to bed 7pm last night got up 10pm back to bed 1am up down up down lol would not mind but had bed to myself aswell bliss .

Went to do quote yesterday legs twinging away,

Then had to go 02 shop as speaker on my phone playing up.

Got home and my legs and fatigue was over whelmingly so much i had to go to bed , just something does not seem rite whether theres an infection, or its my mobility syndrome something does not add up everything is a challenge and i had my walking stick (not for quote , even tho no one there i do contract wrk and provide cleaning service for houses)

My my my its going to be a long day for girls on that one!!

I miss it sooooo much too i love getting stuck in.

But with a twinge twinge here and twinge twinge there, here an ouch there ouch everywhere a aching bout i gave up :-( ..

But not completely :-) i not a defeatest and altho i think everything will come to a halt soon as planning organising ringing wrong customers ohhh my i making a spaghetti of myself nowadays.

Hope your wkends Re relaxing xxx

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hi, i woke this morning to find im in flare mode!! think i did to much this week!!!!!!!

wnt to cry but got my fmily to look after. hope u hve gd wkend


Hey ho mi lol tinker tot , aww no cuddles and hope you don't hurt too much petal ,

I do not even remember this post lol i did it this morning too haha,

I been on sofa alll day watched a little princess (loved it) cried , then something else and charlottes web. Had to nip B&Q then Asda my legs are bad at minute and got no.2's !! Sure infection, arthritis or stenosis. Twinges are bad and legs feel bad xx


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