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happy new year

hi a happy new year to every one

i had a fab one hubby whent out i say in . it was sooooo good

i hope every one got all they asked for , for christmas

and all your dreams for the new year

come true . and your wishes come .

for you .

i have spent my christmas reading on my kinde

as i have not been abel to read for such a long time

but now i have read 3 books since christmas

and plan to read moore

soft hugs to every one

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Hi Kath

Happy new year to you too

Kindles are brilliant but i miss having a lovely new book to hold , mind you i used to get most of mine from charity shops read them and then take them back.

what have you been reading ?

i think i have been reading Maeve Binchy but not read anything for the last few weeks,

i find it very handy to read on the bus to my Mums , the journey takes nearly an hour even tho its only 15 miles away

warm hugs to you , take care xx


I love my kindle and there are so many free books to choose from, I have re read all Jane Austin and some childhood favourites like The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables, as well as some new ones.

Happy new year


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