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wow! swollen up and in pain

I'm sure some of you can remember me asking about mobility scooter abroad.Well i went to Tenerife and once again i could hardly walk and i was in dreadful pain,i was like an old lady over there,my body felt like someone had blown me up ,i felt heavy very agitated all my pulses were thumping,my stomach was like a balloon,it was a bit scary because i literally did feel like i was going to explode.Since coming back i have gone down a lot i do feel lighter.I was particularly worried about the lumps i had over my body,i had one on my wrist,backs of my knees,on top of my knees just above the knee cap,on my forearm ,my arm pits and around the chest going round towards my back,i was in a real sorry state.I'll tell you something else too there stigma of disability has traveled abroad i felt awful i really needed a scooter, but i didn't i just struggled with my stick.Missed all you Fibros good to get back Jacksiex

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glad you're back, sorry about the rest.

don't let anybody stop you looking after yourself - if you want to use a scooter, do.

hugs (x)



And maybe try somewhere else if Tenerife made you feel Ill again



hi which area did you go to Jacksie ? there were a lot of people on mobility scooters when we went a couple of years ago. My ankles swell quite spectacularly and go back down when we get home too.

so sorry you had a bad experience over there especially as i was one of the people who said that you would be fine xx


Welcome back hun, but I was hoping to hear that the lovely weather had done you the world of good, but I guess that is not the case. But I hope now you have learnt that if you NEED a scooter you will either take one or hire one. Struggling using your stick has done you no good at all, if anything it has made you worse. I really hope things improve for you and you can get back to just being you, the gal we all know and love xxxxx


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