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Have you heard the tale of the turkey ..........well this bird was a large and handsome chap

and my friend was growing him on for my christmas table. When I knew I was going south I asked her if she would be so kind as to pop him in her freezer. She did and she removed him so I can present him to table tonight. What a big boy he is 19lbs of beautiful free range bronze bird. My brother advised on cooking times and now he awaits stuffing prior to the oven. All this so my son can come to tea I felt he had missed out - but no longer!

Now I go to make the stuffing wish I had a sence of smell :)


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You never cease to amaze me..... Not content with a bit of flirting with Santa , now I find you with your hand up a turkeys bum.. Did you pluck him or did your friend.... I like the nice red Indian chief sitting bull style hat you have had made out of the feathers, we just have paper crowns.......just don't wear it outside .. It's STILL raining here and you will just end up looking like you are wearing a drowned bird on your head...



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