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Well VG an Sandra how the devil are you gels? Hope you are both feelin

okay following the festivities and VG did not spend too much time under her wax blanket!

I suspect you will never be allowed to gorget the christmas you tried to be a candle!

Have you both eaten well and ejoyed libations?

I have I suspect the diet will be forth coming for the 2nd January always a happy thought for the New Year now have we any resolutions my first one is to try and make my spoons last longer, anyone reading this who has not heard of spoons will think we are bonkers but Libs will direct you to Spoons.

Nice to be back


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Don't normally post during a flare but sometimes I do read some blogs , Just caughtsight of my name, How are you gins better than me I hope.. I.m trying to decide on my New Years resolution... Diet or death ... To be honest the latter is looking ever more the best option, but i will hopefully recover soon and be insufferably bouncy... At the moment I am totally fed up with fibro and I take it all back on not wishing it on my worst enemy...struggles into the kitchen to make a wax doll of her sister in law... Amazing even when i feel so bad I don't want to carry on I can still be evil

See you when I am done flaring

Happy new year Gins and everyone

VG x


VG sorry to hear you are having a downer - so you make wax dolls too - must admit mine are pretty crude often resembling a hedge hog by the time I have finished, I know you are fed up but do try to be positive it is the only thing we can manage to do with out Fibro winning. So beat your demons back and try hard to be triumphant I have missed your smiling messages. Read my turkey tale it will make you laugh xgins


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