Stupid days

Stupid days

I am a creature who likes to put things in certain places so I can find them, like receipts booklets etc, so why does every one move them and then get annoyed because, they can't find them. Forgot they then ask you to help find them and you have just got comfortable......................................time to clear out all the rubbish in the house, but!!!!!!!!!!!!! where to start lol.

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  • In our house it is me that likes things neat and tidy and I like to know that I can lay my hands on something right away. I so hate having to hunt things down. Everyone asks me where things are but I still often have to get up and help look as they have used whatever it is and not put it back where they found it. Drives me mad and hubby tells me we need to have a clear out lol !!!!!

  • Ditto! Hope you're feeling better. :) xx

  • I cant abide clutter it drives me insane. No probs. when I can do things myself but it seems most of my family dont even see it. I have seen my (lovely) daughter actually step over bag of rubbish by the door waiting to go in the bin!! :) And they think they're helping :).

  • My hubby is good,n if I have push a clean pile of washing on the stairs, he will pick it up and put it upsatirs for me. He never puts it away as I like to do that myself. But my daughter will walk right past it lol. And she will bring something oput for the bin(a carrier bag hung in the cupboard)and put it down on the worktop above where the bag is. Opening the cupboard much have been just too much for her to bear lol xxxxx

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