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Home visit

I have a dla doctor visiting me tomorrow and I dont know what to expect, will he examine me, will he make me do things I struggle with, I am scared, only because I have tried to get correct benefit since 2010 and have had so many let downs and now I have been diagnosed with fibro and degenerative disc disease I believe there is more going on. I have had IBS since I was a teen and my tum feels like it has bricks in it, been tough going this xmas, spent it very quietly and no stress Thank God but mood been low. Just wondered if anyone had info for home visits?

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i had mine today like you havent been sleeping with the thought of it but it was ok he was very kind and quiet my daughter came over to be with me so have someone there and dont move ! lol! he asked me what was wrong so i spilled out the list! and then what meds i was on and then he asked me to walk to my kitchen and back the worst thing i must admit was when he asked me to touch my toes my back felt like it was going to explode and of course i winced and couldnt go far then he asked me to bend over to one side then the other and thats when the pain got too much and i cried and said i cant do anymore , he asked me did anyone help me with cooking and cleaning do i go out etc what do i do socially! i felt such a sado with the reply i dont do anything! so dont worry oh and some good advice i got from one of the ladies here dont wear any makeup ! and although it killed me i didnt take any painkillers so he saw exactly the pain i was in . dont worry and good luck xxx


I had a home visit a very long time ago so I do not remember much about it. But I do remember whenver my hubby tried to help me he was told to sit down, he was not allowed to help. They come across as all nice and caring but I would not trust an ATOS docotr as far as I could throwm them. DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT YOU KNOW YOU CANNOT DO. xxxxxx


They appear to be nice but I had 3 home visits and each time I thought I had qualified but they all said I looked too well???

I had 3 tribunuals too and eventually got benefits but its so degrading

When I read reports they actually accused me of coersing my gp into what to say!

I still have a way to go but I'm not gonna give up

Marie x


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