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Looking for a DR in Worcester that knows about Fibro

can anyone tell me a Dr in Worcester that is knowledgeable on Fibro as I have moved back there & need to go through all the Drs loops again. having spent 3 years to get a Dr that understood it ill that did not happen till I went to Derby Uni & it took 2.5 years there. So can any one recommend a Dr in Worcester. Also is there a Fibro group in Worcester.

Thank you all

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If you go online and search 'local GP practices' you should get lists of partners in the various practices, and their specific interests and fields of expertise.

It would also be perfectly in order to telephone or visit the practices and ask a few questions before you register.

Worcester is a nice area - best of luck in your search.

Love, Moffy x


I live in Worcestershire and mine has been appalling :( on the plus side would be up for a group :)


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