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happy happy

hope u r all well and had a lovely tie over xmas, im still stable on gabapentin n diazapam. no muscle spasms and only a little pain from my OA so im happy. even though i split with hubby over xmas i feel good as im bk in my hometown, got a job set up and my family here. our marriage was over months ago but i cant say i didnt give it another go twice!! 2013 is my yr, yr of the snake and its going to be good for me lots of positivie changes in the breeze!.

i hope u are all well sorry if i dont respomd to posts but my keyboard is shot! being fixed tommorrow!!!!

huggles Tink xxx

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hi Tinkerfae love your positivity you know you did your best so now as you say its your time.

Back in your home town sounds wonderful, i grew up in Taunton and would love to go backeven tho its changed so much

i still read the local paper but trying to work out where places are is so difficult

i hope all goes well with the job and you stay as well as possible

warm hugs xx


So much positivity oozing from you hun. I am happy that you are happy. Sp,etimes we need to ride the rough to get to the smooth. I wish you well hun xxxxx


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