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Well very very zzzzz did not sleep last night but enjoyed today

Well very very zzzzz did not sleep last night but enjoyed today

A very happy christmas whatever you have done or not done .

Did not sleep last night arm, neck hand legs felt ill ohh great stuff i thought, but got through the day , luckily got through day but absolutely exhausted and flush flush whoops lol.

Want it to last but can only last as long as can.

Had kids for dinner eldest son turned up late as fell asleep, came had dinner, half a beer, fell asleep on table, then went home to party 'typical' haha.

Got a house full of eldest daughters friends so designated to kitchen watching eddie stobart christmas.

Despite all was a nice relaxing day.

Thanks to lovely hubby for all his wrk over the stove for us all.

How did your days go?? Hope a livelier day tomoro :-)


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Glad you had a good day in spite of the pain and lack of sleep. Hope you enjoy tomorrow. Wishing you a happy, healthier New Year. Love and hugs Saskia XX


hi , i too had one of those nights with left hip demanding to be heard and felt,

i had a lovely day no cooking for me which was lovely but tomorrow its cooking for 10 !

i hope you sleep better tonight and you have a great day tomorrow i will pm you later in the week

take care, warm hugs J xx


Yeah was lovely day, xxxx

You enjoy too.


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