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Merry Xmas my dear friends!

To all the friends I'm making on here,thank you so much for your support and I hope I'm giving some back too!

I've had a really nice day,always love watching the kids open their pressies and they were dead chuffed today and I didn't go mad this year as things are tight. I really enjoyed cooking Xmas dinner,I always do as for the past few years its just been me and the kids. I think I managed pretty well.

Kids have now gone to their dads for a week. I'm going to try hard not to get too down and enjoy the peace and quiet(from the dreaded Xbox). I've got my lovely dogs with me,just got to keep Mr Anxiety at bay and even if he turns up I'm ready to deal with him. I deserve this break.

Hope you all have had a lovely day and if you haven't I hope it gets better for you.

Ali xxx

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Hi, Glad you have had a nice day. Try not to get too down while your kids are away for the week with their dad.

Enjoy your dogs.They are such good company and don't play x

I am trying to keep anxiety at bay, too! My ESA assessment looms on the horizon!

Let's hope we all have a reasonable year next year without too much hassle from the "powers that be" who have no idea what we are all going through with FMS.

Take care, Teddysmum. Love and a big Christmas hug, Saskia XX


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