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Hope next years a better one!xxxx

May I wish you all a merry xmas xx

I am hoping next year will be better than this one! After all we have had happen, with my illnesses n my daughters, and our son had a few problems.

My husbannd was in a car collision a few weeks ago and hasnt been too great it was a driver who had been drinking etc, it has been really hard as he is my main carer so just having a quiet xmas this year.

We are just thankful that he is here as it could have been a lot worse!

Anyway enough of that hope everyone has a lovely xmas n sending you all lotsa love n fluffy cuddles xxxx

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hi Mystique hopefully next year will be so much better for you.

a quiet christmas sounds like a perfect choice this year just close family relaxing together sounds wonderful.

take care , warm hugs xx


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