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What a difference a year makes

This time last year I had just recovered from having both my wrists operated on for carpal tunnel surgery and was fighting fit and looking forward to coming back to work. This year I'm now having to use a walking stick and on butrans patches to control the pain. But none of that matters if I can help my family & friends to have a great Christmas x happy Christmas to all & thanks for your support & for making me realise I'm not going mad x

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Tee hee we are all mad on here , but in a nice way

Let's hope for another good year next year on here and in Real life

VG x



Shows how a poor bloke carries on I could only have them done one at a time, I cant imagine how you managed with both done at the same time, mind you my hands are pretty useless some days.

With regard to the going mad I think VG says it all, only I did not realise there was a real life I thought this was it. Where can I find this 'real' life it might be pain free (or maybe worse) never mind I think I will stick with the devil I know.

Have a Merry Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year Everyone.

Kindest regards



Don't worry I didn't have them both done together. I had them done 4 weeks apart just all done in the same time frame


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