Christmas Eve at last the advent calendar finishes with

as you would expect a lovely picture of baby Jesus being held by Mary who is standing with Joseph.

No Joke this morning just a VERY MERRY CRIMBO TO EVERY ONE I hope and wsh you all have a wonderful peacful, dry and pain free Christmas. Enjoy yourselves my friends it is only once a year!

Love and festive hugs xgins

2 Replies

  • You too gins you deserve it.

    And don't go over doing it!

    Festive Piggie hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well my advent calendar was its usual let down.. A very small manger with a very large baby balanced precariously on the hay... I assume it is Jesus. It must be cos its a miracle he hasn't fallen out... No Mary no Joseph no one to keep an eye on him....

    Merry Christmas Gins hope we all emerge unscathed after Christmas

    VG xx.

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