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Just reading my mums Hello magazine and my horoscope reads as follows -

For many, this time of year is all about remembering who likes what and whose tastes extend in one direction or another. Such considerations are part of the process by shhhh most conscientious people prepare for the holidays. The hope is that, if we all think hard enough about what others want, we won't even notice if they have misjudged our Ian requirements. But you do now have a very real and pressing desire. And it just so happens that the cosmos has an early Christmas present in store for you.

I'm excited now ... I hope the cosmos knows I really fancy George Clooney especially when he was in his ER days.


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*lan was meant to read own ooops


LOL ... yes my fingers go a bit twitchy when I think of George 'Spooney' Clooney! xxx


Yes he is rather gorgeous. Hope the Cosmos brings you your heart's desire.

Have a great Christmas!

Love and hugs Saskia.



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