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Such a cluts!

Om goodness i'm a disaster of late, I have broke 3 glasses, 3 picture frames and this morning while doing toast for Phoebe i panicked when i saw it burning so i placed the pop bottle on top of the cooker to rescue said toast completly forgetting i had just boiled the kettle ( we got rid of toaster and kettle as our cooker is a+++ and it uses less energy to use grill and a whistle cast iron kettle) Thankfuly i realised before the bottom melted completly adn i had Kola Cub flavoured pop all over the place :) :) would have smelt lovely hehehe xx

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I have days like that too. Last week I went shopping with my husband and I must have knocked about half a dozen things off the shelves, and dropped more than that as I tried to put things in the trolley. It got to the point my husband told me to just let him do it, it would be safer for everybody!

It usually lasts a few days then I have a few good days before reurning to clutz-ville :D


I know what it is like. I knocked a whole stack of yogurts over in the restaurant fridge where my daughter was in hospital. I am so accident prone and I lay all the blame firmly on the fibro, nothing to do with me lol xxxxx


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