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total meltdown

morning all or is it .went to docs yesterday as she sees me every month , due to my circunstances trying still to get a grant from soical ,worried about xmas , my fibro playing up ,depression hit me hard even on extra tablets now , had total meltdown in docs ,really upset ,crying, not sleeping or eating , cant sleep , still cant get help from anywere , luckly she understtood me and refering me to mental health team . .

im appealing for my grant .feeling down again today ,didnt help when there was a dozen lads drinking and shouting till 3 am this morning oppasit at the flats .

dad picked me a wardrobe up from freecyle yesterday its old but who cares , ,

my heart not in to xmas this year what so ever , just the way i feel at the moment ,be glad when this year has gone ,

my doc asked if i had a holiday with my youngest lad you must be joking cant afford it .nearist i get a day away with boyfrind on a bussness trip .

sorry for going on but thats how i feel today ,

all have a good day if possible gentle hugs x

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Hello Tink, well done for going to the Doctor's yesterday. You sound like you've got everything under control again, appealing against your grant. Please don't worry about getting upset at the Doctors, that's what they're there for. At least your Doctor would have seen how upset you were and how much you are struggling. It's good that your meds have been adjusted, hopefully soon you will start to feel the benefit.

Also getting referred to the mental health team Tink will help you work through the problems and worries etc.

Great news about the wardrobe too, it all helps!

Just take one day at a time, take your meds, keep warm. Make sure you get enough rest too, hopefully it won't be too long and you will be feeling a bit brighter. We are all here for you at all times, so pop in and have a chat on here, we all understand.

Take care Tink! (((hug))) xxx



Don't say sorry , there are loads of us on here feeling pretty much the same ATM, fibro seems to be flaring with lots of us as well as our other ailments.... Christmas here is going to be very quiet, my OH just enjoys cabbaging on the settee and once my son has his guitar I shall only see him for feeding so a nice quiet day. Am glad you are getting a referral to the mental health team, and holidays, yes i can remember my gp telling me it would be good for my OH and myself to go out one night a week and have a holiday every year,,,, i did ask her if she would pay for it..... :) we last had a grotty holiday 12 years ago in Cornwall before I had to give up work...

Hope you feel even just a little better soon

VG x


It is only when GPs see a total melt down that they realise just how bad you are so it may bode well for you. I think for all you are going through you are holding it together pretty well and coming here and telling us is a good thing to do. A problem shared and so on. My fibro flare is bad with the fatigue setting in bought my daughters ill health and being her carer has pushed that to the background for now. I can only hope things pick up for you and soon. You know where we all are if needed xxxxx


hi all thankyou for your comments , went down to flat today to see if anythings been done regarding new kicthen extra ,but no chance ,not a thing ,all the council keeps telling me the work as starteded and they got keys ,

BY time they get round to it its going to be feb , and flat going to get damp .so im not happy at all this morning ,

didnt help when dog next door was barking from 5pm till 12. last night ,

fibro stillbplaying up .and ankle hurting today due to cold ,

hopefully mental health team should get intouch this week . .

relaxing day ahead for me then afternoon nap later ,

gental hugs to you all x

still feeling all streesded out to xx


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