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Disability Card/for GYM UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, Can someone explain to me what a DISABILITY CARD for GYM is obtainable from, im on disability and nothing else as my partner works full-time and im thinking of rejoining the gym to do light work on my legs and general fitness and being able to obtain a disability card to get a cheaper deal for use at a gym would be great. Please can you tell me where to apply and whats invoved in doing so ie do you need other people to vouch for you ie DR do you need any other benifites besides the disability.THANK-YOU Hi everyone ive been ringing about and this discounted card very much depends if it i available in your area as not all councils/drs provide this and sadly my lancashire area does not either, i was advised to contact the local council to see if they were running this scheme or contact my doctor direct to see if i could apply BUT for me its unavailable at the minute hope everyone who maybe interested is luckier.

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on the isle of wight we have council run swimming centres and gyms. you can get a one card that gives you discounted gym usage and swimming. sauna ect. you can also get a buddy card that allows someone to accompany you and swim and use the gym with you at discounted price. there is also a carers card to allow someone to accompany you there but not use the equipment or swim and also a respite card for a named family member to to have discounted gym or swimming without the disabled person. you have to be receiving ESA income related for a yr or housing benefit or council tax benefit.


Hello Josie, we had a recent discussion about Disability Cards, please click on the link below and hopefully it will answer some of your queries -


Disability Cards are issued by your local council, not all councils have this scheme. The card entitles you to certain discounts on services and disability equipment etc.

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