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Well today is most deffinately the day!...DLA medical

Good morning to you all.

i do hope you have had a lovely restfull and pain free nights sleep.

well today is most deffinately the day for my medical,i say deffinately because for those that read my post last tuesday will know that i sat with my mum waiting for the Dr to turn up,i had got myself ready for it but they never turned up...that was because i got the day wrong...what an idiot...i dont understand how i forgot...Mmm?!

i have checked my appointment letter loads so i know today is the day,the Dr will be cming at 12 would be just my luck they ring me up to cancel!

i shall let you all know later how i get on.

(((((((((((soft hugs to you all)))))))))))) xx

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Good Luck, pink blossom. I'll be thinking of you. Hope all goes well. Good that you have your mum for moral support.

Love and hugs, Saskia XX


Thanks saskia

I'm glad mums here for the support I'm going to need it! I'll let you know how I get on...Julie xx


Wishing you all the very best Pink, hope it goes well for you.

I am sure we will all hear from you afterwards. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



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