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What help do people get ?


Christmas is a lovely time of year but a struggle for FM sufferers.

I am having a really bad spell , have been in constant hard to cope with pain for at least 3 months now which is made worse by having a spinal problem , trapped nerve etc. I seem to have extreme pain in the hips.

I have been offered Physio which I have excepted to try but it normally aggrivates my back problem . I do not see any one medically except for the odd visit to GP which is a waste of time but just wanted to see what support that other people were receiving ?

Hope u are all copping with the xmas rush . :/

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Hi Haitchy,

Try the physio. Just ask him/her to be very gentle. I pay privately for a deep tissue massage every week which helps me. Like you, I only see my GP when really necessary and not for fibromyalgia, as there is nothing he can do for that but at least he is understanding. I just live on painkillers and anti inflammatories and anti depressants and other meds for various problems including IBS, migraine etc etc!! In my case I just grin and bear it as best I can but I am lucky as my husband is very understanding. Our house is a tip though, as I don't have the energy to do much housework and although my husband helps me I don't like to put on him too much as he is 10 and a half years older than me and I don't want to run him ragged.

I am not much help to you I am afraid but just wanted to let you know that we all care about you. Keep searching for anything which might hep to alleviate some of your pain and keep in touch. Good luck.

Love and hugs

Saskia. XX


Thank you Haitchy, thank you for your question, it will be interesting to see the replies to this.

I was offered physio at the beginning of my treatment but was discharged because it didn't help me at all. Each case is different though and physio has helped many of us here at FibroAction.

I saw a Rheumatologist at the start after referral by my GP, My Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and treated me for a few months trying different meds until the right combination was found. I only see her now if there is a change in my symptoms, other than that I am under my GP's care and get my repeat meds and interim care through her. She is very supportive and understanding so I am very fortunate.

I was referred also by my GP to a local CFS Clinic (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) where I was assigned to an Occupational Therapist and taught Pacing Therapy which was a wonderful help to me. Again each case is individual and what helped me might not necessarily help another person. I live my daily life through pacing and it works well for me. My symptoms have greatly improved through doing this.

Hope this is helpful to you Haitchy. (((hug))) xxx



I have Thai yoga massage every 2 to 3 weeks, which incorporates massage and moving my body into different positions whilst doing massage. It's the pleasure pain but helps.

I too keep getting referred to physio and then discharged as I know and do all the exercises and told that my joints are still very flexible. I find fat pants really good for my hips and thighs. There the ones that hold tummy and bum in. I found this out by accident when I went to a Christmas dinner last year and wore them. Found that my hip pain wasn't as bad as it held all the muscles in place.


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