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Stomach pain

Hi all

Been suffering a lot recently with horrendous stomach pain(usually upon waking - if I'm lucky to sleep) pain radiates into my back and chest (upper rib area) feels like I need the loo but dont, my motions are normal, so im not constipated. Pain generally eases off after a few hours with the aid of a warm bath. Does anyone else get similar symptoms if so what helps

Thanx Dixie

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I get these as soon as I take a swig of my first cuppa, sometimes so painful they make me vomit! I take buscapan I get on prescription x


Hi, Can't say I've had your exact symptoms but I was diagnosed as being sensitive to wheat and cow's milk this year so cutting or at least limiting them has made a huge difference. I certainly feel a lot of stomach discomfort if I overdo my intake of either. Give it a try for a couple of months and see if that helps. Rather than having soy milk I opted for skimmed goats milk and other goats products because they taste better.Nothing ventured,nothing gained.


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