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Had a lot on today and the next week !

today i have a had a realy bad day realy tyerd thanks to only have 6 hours of broken sleep lastnight and in a lot of pain once again got college tomoro hopefuly im feeling better by then also have my docs tomoro wish me luck hopefuly finaly get on some meds to help this also have a appointment at my college as i mention yesterday so hopefuly get some support at college also has the last of my english exams WHAYYYY hopefuly all goes well and i will catch up with you all some time in the week hope your all feeling okay and dont have any major flair ups

thanks for all the support i have had from people and most of all thanks mum you have helpd me so much and i dont wont you to feel guilty about me getting fibro as well u never new it would happen and i know you strugle to come to turms with it but as long as i have your and these amazing people on here support i will get through this and we will all some day we will all be able to put are middle finger up to MR fibro

((hugs)) xxx

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Awww Nikita you poor lamb. Sorry to hear you haven't slept too well. You need a nice early night and try to relax. Good luck at the doctors and the college meeting, ooo and your last exam.

Your mum must be so proud of you. Well done both of you, stay stronge.

Piggie hugs xxxxxx


dont worry about that i defo will be when i get home later have a nice bubble bath and a early nite and thank u i realy need it and yh thats what i always wonted my mum to be proud off be every one thought i was lazy and would never amount to nothing if only they new the truth and we will stay strong we have eachother for support and lean on

((gental huggs)) xxx



Sorry to hear you didn't have a good night's sleep, hope you have a better sleep tonight! & Good luck with your English exam, let us know how it goes :)!

C x


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