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Did you hear about the schoolboy who put clean socks on every day? By Friday he couldn't get his shoes on.

I love this group as it makes the Fibro seem much more manageable. I just wish I could find a support group (anywhere) for my Essential Tremor which I find even more depressing. There is so much I can't do, eg cooking, needlework... when I am shaking all the time and know it can get worse at any moment. I crave pork chops, roast lamb and trimmings etc

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Hello Angeldance, love the joke, thanks for sharing it with us! Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your post, I've had so many to look at today! :)

I am not sure of your location, so if you could clarify this I could see if I could find a support group for you to help you?!

In the mean time I manage to find this info, not sure if it's any help to you but it might help to put you on the right track with a point of contact -

'Essential Tremor is a neurological disorder, in which patients have a rhythmic trembling of one or more hands, head, legs, trunk and voice. The tremor is more visible during movement than at rest.

Useful National contacts -

National Tremor Foundation

Helpline: 01708 386399

Useful local contacts (Merseyside)

Northwest Tremor Support Group

Tom Reader. Tel: 0151 475 3252

Support group meets at the The Neurosupport Centre Liverpool, 1st Wednesday of the month.'

If you get back to me regarding your location (town and county is sufficient), I will look further into this for you.

(((hug))) xxx



I love the joke! :D

One of my friends has the same problem with her hands and I've seen the problems it causes for her. I hope you find some help xxx


Thanks. I have found a book for £10 on e-bay and hope that will have some suggestions. I would appreciate any help I can get from this site though.


E-bay, is'nt that advertising?